"Dealing with form and colour through nostalgia and sentiment at a given moment, I might begin working with a recital of a story or a dialogue using it as an outline which continues in lines and layers of paint that begin to reveal as the dialogue continues and conceals as pieces of lines like coloured strings following one another and connectinglike a puzzle would.

       Scraping and replacing as colour weaves through and stands side by side, the point of focus is revealed as the tale is captured and so:

       time stands still one more time"


Krisztina Zugor



Biography Krisztina Zugor



Born in New York, USA, 1965


1984-1987 art studies (BFA) at School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago (SAIC)


1988-1989 Academy Of Fine Arts Of Hungary, Budapest




Watch the latest interwiev on february 12th 2012


Next exhibition:

17.5.2013 - 13.6.2013


Galerie Sens Intérieur

Bruno Bernard

Golfe de St-Tropez

83310 Port Cogolin




Krisztina Zugor

Claudine Penkala

Raymond Berbiguier